The twenty-four National Honor Society members that were inducted October 6 are Elmaz Bendinelli, Heather Bergeron, Charles Carter, Katie Clark, Weston Clark, Olivia Grappe, Jessie Hampton, Perla Hernandez, Molly Hicks, Jacob Jeffers, Samantha Johnston, Mikiko Joiner, Corben Manzella, Kayla McElroy, Tiffany Milum, Sabrina Patrick, Johnathan Pounds, Leslie Riley, Brett Vail, Briann Webster, Ethan Wells, Bria Wetzler, Chelsea Welch and Hayley Jo Woods.

President Liz Pratt gave the welcome to begin the ceremony, and Taylor Reese gave the invocation. Spencer Hartley then introduced the speaker for the induction ceremony, Dr. Charles Rodgers of Little Rock, an alumnus of Hamburg High School.

Dr. Rodgers spoke about his growing up in Hamburg and his life in Southeast Arkansas. He described his admiration for the teachers and administrators who influenced him and described the difficulty he had to receive his college education.

Dr. Rodgers closed his speech by telling the inductees they were being rewarded for their intellectual achievements and to realize that this recognition was an honor.

Bryan Allen and A.J. Riels then called the inductees to the stage to receive their certificates and pins. Ferrin Douglas and Kristin Morris fastened the symbolic pins that represent the National Honor Society, and Esgar Jimenes and Jasmyn Dunbar gave out the certificates.

After the inductees received their pins and certificates, Kaitlyn Smith gave the pledge of membership that the students who were inducted repeated Others participating in the program were Chase Higginbotham, Augustus West, Caleb Hennington, Virginia White, and Darbi Scott. The HHS principal, Donald Rosen, gave the closing remarks. The hostesses for the evening were Courtney Bostian, Farrah Dixon, Jordan Gilliam, Haley Rice, Brooke Rutledge, Erin Selby, and Tara Vail.

Jacob Jeffers enjoyed the speaker and his induction into the National Honor Society. He said, "I liked how Dr. Rodgers gave a vivid image of how life in Hamburg used to be before all the modern technologies, and I also believe being inducted into the National Honor Society is an honor and a privilege."

Other members of the National Honor Society include Luke Adams, Jonathan Carraway, Stephanie Craig, Haley Knight, Steven Martin, Daniel Meeks, Shelby Streeter, and Eric Zeigler. The National Honor Society sponsor is Mary Ellen Givens.

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