The first day back, Hamburg High School welcomed fifteen new students: Karlee Allen, Johnathon Finch, Leslie Halliburton, Kayla Hartley, Jason Jones, Lauren McLeod, Samantha Stauddy, Jonathan Wilcox, Erica Cosby, Sophie Guethe, Bradley Lyons, Jarray Todd, Eveline Blanchard, Jacob Dehart, and Taylor McClain.

This year, HHS welcomed a foreign exchange student from Munich, Germany. Sophie, who is in the eleventh grade, is currently living in Wilmot with her host parents, Brian and Linda Wetzler. Sophie said that the best thing about HHS is the new experience and the classes.

Samantha Stauddy is a tenth grader who moved from Lake Village. She resides in Portland with her parents Chris and Susie Stauddy.

When asked what she liked about HHS, Samantha said, "I don't have to wear a uniform and there are more people. I love the school spirit of the teachers."

Leslie Halliburton is also a tenth grader at HHS this year. Leslie moved to HHS from Crossett High School.

She lives in Crossett with her parents Robyn and Lee Halliburton. She likes her new school, "The best thing about HHS is the atmosphere." She added, "Less and longer classes are a lot less stressful."

Another of the new students Hamburg High School welcomed this year is senior Eveline Blanchard. She was last enrolled at Mount St. Mary's Academy in Little Rock as an eleventh grade student. She lives in Lake Village with her parents Gina and Steven Gregory. Eveline said the best aspect of the high school is the cafeteria food and the friendly nature of all the students.

A tenth grader, Lauren McLeod, moved from Lucedale, Mississippi. She lives in Hamburg with her dad, Cris McLeod, and her step-mom, Tess McLeod. Lauren likes being able to wear her favorite clothes to school, "This school is a lot smaller than my old school, and we don't have to wear uniforms."

Jarray Todd is enrolled as an eleventh grader this year. He moved from Texas and now lives in Hamburg with his mom Laquesia Todd. His favorite aspect of the high school is being a part of the football team.

Tenth grader Johnathon Wilcox also enrolled this year. He moved from Crossett to Hamburg and lives with his parents Don and Anita Wilcox. The cafeteria food and block scheduling are what Johnathon likes the most about Hamburg High School.

Another of the new students at HHS this year is Kayla Hartley. Kayla moved from Hong Kong and lives with her parents, Mark and Lynda Hartley in Milo. Kayla likes the better sports program and the wider selection of electives. "The guys aren't too bad either," she added.

Jason Jones is also a new student at HHS. Jason moved to HHS from Lake Village and now resides in Portland. He is the son of Edward Jones and Dorra Stutts. Jason likes the teachers, students, and the classes he takes.

Taylor McClain, a senior this year, is also new to HHS. He moved from Abiding Faith Christian School and still resides in Crossett with his parents, Paul and Pam McClain. "A couple of my friends go here, and it is a nice school with nice classes," he stated.w Year Brings New Students to Hamburg High School

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