Football Team Members Enjoy Friday Breakfast from Mothers

Max Dyson, superintendent, speaks at the football breakfast.

This year the football team has had the privilege to be served breakfast every Friday morning by enthusiastic mothers of football players. At the first breakfast, players were served breakfast casserole, fruit, muffins, and the choice of orange juice or milk. The very nutritious meal helps the football players later that day and even during the game.

Every week a speaker will be talking to the football team before the bell rings. For the Marianna game, Max Dyson, the superintendent, talked to the team. Dyson started off by greeting the team and asking if the team was awake yet. He also talked about one of his best memories of playing college football. He finished off by saying it's easy to play when things are good, but how will the players react when things go wrong and must fight to get back into the game? He also compared this fight to life. He said, "In life, we will be knocked down, and we can either quit or get back up and move forward."

Coach Robert Johnson likes the idea of the team being together at the beginning of the game day. "The breakfast gives us an opportunity to start the day off together and start the day the way it needs to be started," he said.

This year the team has also been given many treats from the cheerleaders. For example, after one of the long practices the players enjoyed popsicles. Every Friday the players are given candy that goes along with the theme of the week of beating the other team.

The team greatly appreciates the gifts that have been given to them; they show the support from the supporters. Chase Higginbotham believes that the breakfast shows support and brings the team closer. He stated, "The breakfast shows support from the community, and it brings us all together as one team."

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