Elementary Students Cheer Lions

The students of Allbritton and Noble Elementary schools cheered for the Lions with the HHS cheerleaders and football players at the elementary pep rally.[Photo by Farrah Dixon].

The Hamburg High School cheerleaders and football players held a pep rally Friday, September 25, for Noble and Allbritton elementary schools to get ready for the football game against the Fordyce Redbugs. Students from the first grade to the sixth grade attended the event, which was held in the Allbritton gym.

The cheerleaders began the pep rally by running out onto the floor and doing a cheer. Then, the players came out and circled the crowd, giving the kids high fives and handshakes. Coach Robert Johnson gave his speech soon afterwards, encouraging the students and teachers to come to the game and cheer on their team. The young students screamed and cheered as loud as they could to show Coach Johnson how much spirit they had. The cheerleaders gave another chant and introduced the captains of the night's game, Greg Croswell, Chase Higginbotham, and Bryan Allen. Croswell asked the students to get as loud as they could; it took him minutes to get them to stop screaming because their enthusiasm was so tremendous. Then Higginbotham asked the students, "Who loves the Lions?" The students cheered again, and finally Allen took the microphone. For the third time the kids yelled after he instructed "Cheer if you want to be a cheerleader or football player when you get in high school." The cheerleaders finished the pep rally with more chants, stunting, and flips. The crowd did the wave and split into two sides as one side chanted purple and the other side chanted white.

The cheerleaders and football players really enjoyed the pep rally. Elmaz Bendinelli thought the pep rally was a huge hit with the students, "The kids got really excited about the pep rally. They treated us like rock stars and super stars." Captain Higginbotham also enjoyed the event greatly. "It was fun to go to a pep rally with elementary students. I remember when high school players came to us when we were in elementary, and I never forgot what it was like," he said.

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