Football Players and Cheerleaders Read to Wilmot, Portland Students


Senior Night for the Hamburg High School football team, cheerleaders, and band members was October 30 before the Warren game.

All senior football players, cheerleaders, and band members were recognized for the number of years that they lettered in their activity. Escorted by their parents, all seniors were introduced to the crowd at Campbell Field. Senior Night recognized that this football game was the last that the seniors would ever play, cheer, or perform on Campbell Field.

The seniors had mixed emotions about the game. James Morton said, "Knowing that it was our last game on our home field, it made us want to win even more." Cheerleader Jordan Gilliam was sad that it was her last game to ever cheer on Campbell Field. "I was so sad throughout the game knowing I will never cheer on that field again, but I am extremely proud of the Lions and their victory over the Jacks. It's an awesome way to end their last home game!" she stated. The senior band members also got to perform one last time for the crowd at Campbell Field. "I will miss being able to perform in front of the crowd on Campbell Field," senior band member Shay McPherson said.

The seniors were all ecstatic after the victory over the Warren Lumberjacks. Since the Lions won, Coach Johnson agreed to let his football team shave his head.

Senior football players are Hector Mondragon, Greg Croswell, Cody Weatherly, Eric Zeigler, Steven Martin, Chase Higginbotham, Bryan Allen, Freddy Madero, Alonzo Smith, A.J. Riels, James Morton, Chris Tharpe, Alex Brown, Augustus West, Charles Paskel, Kevin Holdcraft, Spencer Hartley, Robert Stanley, and managers Paul Best and Caleb Miller. Senior cheerleaders are Stephanie Craig, Caitlin O'Neal, and Jordan Gilliam. Senior band members are O.J. McQuay, Keegan Gannaway, Courtney Bostian, Caleb Hennington, Shay McPherson, Jacob Jeffers, and Brooke Rutledge.

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